Tüp Merserize

Tup Merserize is a leading company in the Turkish Textile Industry since its foundation in 1981. Tup Merserize is a successful family business demonstrating harmony and synergy in its activities for the last 37 years and committed to transfer this synergetic performance to next generations. Tup Merserize firmly believes in and implement team work for success and has complete confidence in its workforce. Tup Merserize with its modern updated technology, including robots, and dynamic management is active both in domestic an international markets by offering fashionable knitted fabrics. The production technology of Tup Merserize is based on computer-aided machinery and equipment fully integrated through advanced software support. Tup Merserize has three major production lines: fabric dyeing (25 - 30 tons per day), yarn dyeing (7 - 8 tons per day), and bleaching (19 tons per day). The fabric dyeing house is suitable to make a wide range of quality fabrics, ranging from classic knitted fabrics to most fashionable sophisticated ones. The yarn dyeing facility is designed especially to dye yarns made of natural fibers. The bleaching line is currently working on 100% commission based.


Tüp Merserize is to become and stay as a leading textile company in the world with social reponsibility sensitive to environment.

Tüp Merserize will secure it’s leading position in the world of textile business by making trendy and special knitted fabrics for world famous brand-name garment companies.


Fabric Dyeing Plant

Our fabric dyeing plant was completely modernized in the year of 2000 to install a production system with an advanced computer-aided technology to assure the highest quality to our customers. It has a daily production capacity of 25 – 30 tons of knitted fabrics, including viscose, cotton, viscose with elastane, cotton with elastane, merserized, multi-color fabrics. The plant includes a modern colour development lab at a pilot-plant scale with computer-run system to maintain high quality fabrics development and production. The finishing department is designed to treat fabrics both chamically and mechanically following the dyeing process to create special textures and appearances on fabrics to the satisfaction of our customers. Quality Control department assures the quality of our fabrics at the highest levels and offers them to the collection of our customers.

Yarn Dyeing Plant

Our yarn dyeing plant was re-deseigned and installed in 1998 to make it a fully modernized production system with robot and computer-aided technology. It has 17 HT-Bobin machines with capacities ranging from 22 kgs per machine at lower end to 484 kgs per machine at higher end. The daily production capacity is around 7-8 tons. In this plant, we are able to dye different sorts of yarns made of cotton, viscose, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, and cotton/acrylic. The Tup Merserize’s quality policy is strictly and continuously being practiced here in this facility too in order to serve our customers in the best way possible. For this purpose, a special team is working to assure the quality desired by Tup Merserize and its customers.



Head Office:

Mehmet Akif cd. Denge İş Merkezi

No:22 Kat:2

Merter / Istanbul / Turkey

Phone: +90 212 637 68 19


Maltepe Mah. Çiftehavuzlar Ayvalı Dere sk.

No: 2/A 1. Matbaacılar sitesi karşısı

Topkapı / Istanbul / Turkey

Phone: +90 212 544 34 31 – 32


Büyükkarıştıran Mevkii


Kırklareli / Turkey

Phone: +90 288 436 2274